Play Up to You – Party edition

You’ve made it through the start of the school year, now can you survive the first party and unlock the mystery performance?!


What advice would you give New Kid or a friend if they were being pressured to drink?

    • ColorfulAntics1217

      Don’t drink unless your completely comfortable with the idea of alcohol consumption. Don’t think you have to be reckless to be a “cool kid” there are many cool people who don’t drink, smoke, etc.

    • CharlieBear

      you drink when you feel comfortable not hen everyone else tells you to

    • Emmalemalo

      Don’t, (tell them what it dose to your body) I don’t want that for you!

    • IthinkIneededThis

      I actually heavily debated staying, as I wanted to make sure Lucy was okay. Glad to see that she ended up okay as well. If you’re being pressured to drink, leave them, and try to find a friend. Will they think less of you? Maybe, but those aren’t the people that you want to think highly of you. I know what it’s like to have alcohol and the such, and it tastes like garbage. Honestly, I can’t see how people drink the stuff, it tastes awful and hurts going down your throat. So trust me, don’t do it.

    • totallynotazombie

      A tip my parents give me is; if you don’t want to drink, get some cranberry juice and say it’s a cranberry vodka cocktail. People won’t question you as much as if you just have water because cranberry has a very strong scent.

    • SuperFruit

      Dont drink it. Dump it on a plant or outside and pretend you drank it… Im sorry Mr. Plant..
      Or simply say no and that you would rather not.

    • phangirl

      replace the vodka for water when they’re not looking if you’re that desperate haha

    • JamminPineapple_22

      It’s ok! It’s better to have no friends then the wrong ones.