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Loading...Snoochie Shy - dealing with exam stress

Exams People! Exams!

Take a quick break & watch our film with Snoochie Shy to see how she deals with exam stress...

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Loading...Jimmy investigates first time sex

Jimmy investigates first time sex

How do you know if you’re ready to have sex for the first time? Jimmy's on a mission to find the answers.

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Loading...Pixie Lott discusses first time sex

Pixie Lott discusses first time sex

What do Pixie Lott, Neon Jungle and more have to say about first-time sex? Jimmy finds out.

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Loading...Let’s talk about sex!

Let’s talk about sex!

Watch an #awkwardconversation about sex with a sprinkle of glitter from Louise.

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Loading...Smoking fail

Smoking fail with Amazing Phil

Find out what happened when YouTuber Amazing Phil let a cigarette-smoking boy gang into his shed...

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Loading...Dan and Phil DMC

Dan and Phil DMC on relationships

Check out YouTuber's Dan and Phil's deep and meaningful conversation about relationships and puberty.

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Loading...Proudlock on dealing with stress

Proudlock on dealing with stress

Feeling wound up? Jimmy starts a stress-relieving DMC with stars Oliver Proudlock and Laya Lewis.

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Loading...Katy B on how to be different

Katy B on how to be different

Learn how to own your originality from a girl who knows – flame-haired singer Katy B.

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Loading...Jim Chapman puberty

Puberty with Jim Chapman

Awkward stations! YouTuber Jim Chapman shares his experience of going through puberty.

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Loading...Carrie: honorary big sister

Carrie: honorary big sister

YouTuber and your honorary big sister Carrie Hope Fletcher talks about her #awkwardconversation with her GP about drugs and sex.

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Loading...Play Up to You

Play Up to You

Play your way through some tricky social situations in this pick-a-path adventure.

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Loading...Rickie & Melvin DMC

Rickie & Melvin DMC

Jimmy from the 4:01 Show has a deep and meaningful conversation (DMC) with Kiss DJs Rickie and Melvin about friendship and weed.

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Loading...Jack Howard and Tomska DMC

Jack Howard and TomSka DMC on mental health

Feeling down? Jack Howard’s and Tomska's DMC about depression tells it like it is.

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Loading...Lydia Bright chats perfect bodies

TOWIE’s Lydia Bright chats perfect bodies

Jimmy and Lydia discuss if there is such a thing as a perfect body.

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Loading...Jimmy investigates puberty

Jimmy investigates puberty

Jimmy goes back to school to find out what puberty is, if you can speed it up and how to tell where you’re at.

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Loading...Jimmy investigates smoking and sport

Jimmy investigates smoking and sport

Jimmy investigates whether smoking makes you rubbish at sport. Hint: Yes. It does.

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Loading...Awkward Conversations: sex!

Awkward Conversations: sex!

Lexx tackles an #awkwardconversation and gives it some serious sex chat.

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Loading...PJ on drugs

PJ on drugs

What does cake have to do with drugs? PJ has the answer. And loads more besides.

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Loading...Tyler James DMC

Tyler James DMC

A deep and meaningful conversation with musician Tyler James about alcohol.

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Loading...A guide to puberty

A guide to puberty

YouTuber Emma Blackery tells you what you really need to know about puberty.

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YouTuber Marcus Butler talks about how to deal with bullying and carry on doing what you love.

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Loading...Happy and healthy

Happy and healthy

YouTuber Carrie Fletcher gets honest about weight and shares why it doesn't have to be a big issue.

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