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Sign up to enter >> Boyfriends, girlfriends or just friends? The language of love and friendship can be tricky, so let’s demystify it! Here you’ll find lots of inspiration and tips to have better friendships and relationships

Loading...The Basics of Sexual Consent

The Basics of Sexual Consent

Sexual Consent, let's take it back to basics. What does it actually mean if we say yes, no or even nothing at all?

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Loading...Relationships Percelle Ascott

Let’s talk Relationships

From first kisses to first dates, we've been up & down England to find out what YOU guys really think ...

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Loading...What is Consent?

Consent – what is it all about?

Consent is really just something that we come across and use in our everyday life. We break it down for you, as it can be both complicated and confusing...

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Loading...Jimmy investigates first time sex

Jimmy investigates first time sex

How do you know if you’re ready to have sex for the first time? Jimmy's on a mission to find the answers.

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Loading...Pixie Lott discusses first time sex

Pixie Lott discusses first time sex

What do Pixie Lott, Neon Jungle and more have to say about first-time sex? Jimmy finds out.

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Loading...Let’s talk about sex!

Let’s talk about sex!

Watch an #awkwardconversation about sex with a sprinkle of glitter from Louise.

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Loading...Advice on sex and relationships #MTVRiseAbove

Advice on sex and relationships #MTVRiseAbove

Find out what makes a good relationship

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Loading...The sex talk with Hannah Witton

The sex talk with Hannah Witton

Sex. We need to talk about it, but how? Watch what happened when Hannah Witton had 'the talk' with our Jimmy and tell us how you approach those awkward conversations!

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Loading...What is consent?

What is consent?

Consent. What is it? How do you know if someone is giving it? Get the facts from an expert, and hear what Jack and Dean & Bethan had to say.

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Loading...Emma Blackery on consent & relationships

Emma Blackery on consent & relationships

Emma Blackery talks to you about the meaning of consent and relationships.

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Loading...How to comfort a friend in need

How to comfort a friend in need

A guide to giving comfort and meaning it.

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Loading...Rise Above <3 LOVE

Rise Above <3 LOVE

Relationships can be hard! And not just romantic ones – we’re also talking about friendships. Our Youth Editor Lily has been hunting the web for advice on how to handle relationships, just for you! Check out her top 5 links!

Loading...Lily’s guide to awkward conversations

Lily’s guide to awkward conversations

Got that sick feeling about a conversation you know you have to have? Read Lily’s advice on how to tackle it head on.

Loading...Are guys sometimes too tough to talk?

Are guys sometimes too tough to talk?

Mikal asks why there is a difference between how girls and guys deal with difficult sitations

Loading...Georgia LA DMC

Georgia LA DMC

TV Presenter Georgia LA talks about body image, relationships and confidence.

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Loading...Smoking fail

Smoking fail with Amazing Phil

Find out what happened when YouTuber Amazing Phil let a cigarette-smoking boy gang into his shed...

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Loading...What do you do when you and your mate like the same girl?

What do you do when you and your mate like the same girl?

Honesty is great and being honest in conversations with our friends means that everyone’s on the same page.

Loading...Hannah Witton on contraception

Hannah Witton on contraception

Which contraception should I use?

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Loading...It’s ok to be single!

It’s ok to be single!

Sometimes it can feel like everyone around you is in a couple, but is it ok to be single? Check out what happened when Jimmy went to Essex for a chat with TOWIE's Charlie King all about relationships.

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Loading...Dan and Phil DMC

Dan and Phil DMC on relationships

Check out YouTuber's Dan and Phil's deep and meaningful conversation about relationships and puberty.

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Loading...Doug Armstrong on healthy relationships

Doug Armstrong on healthy relationships

Doug gives you his ten top tips on how to be the best friend!

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Loading...Tricky conversations with F2Freestylers

Tricky conversations with F2Freestylers

F2Freestylers take you through some of the best tricks to starting those awkward conversations.

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Loading...Cherry Wallis on friendship

Cherry Wallis on friendship

Cherry Wallis talks about what makes a good friend.

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Loading...Play Relationsticks

Play Relationsticks

How would you get out of these sticky situations?

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Loading...Keeping things sweet with your siblings

Keeping things sweet with your siblings

Sibling rivalry is a natural part of family relationships, and is surprisingly easy to deal with.

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Loading...Play Up to You

Play Up to You

Play your way through some tricky social situations in this pick-a-path adventure.

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Loading...Rickie & Melvin DMC

Rickie & Melvin DMC

Jimmy from the 4:01 Show has a deep and meaningful conversation (DMC) with Kiss DJs Rickie and Melvin about friendship and weed.

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Loading...Awkward Conversations: sex!

Awkward Conversations: sex!

Lexx tackles an #awkwardconversation and gives it some serious sex chat.

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Loading...PJ on drugs

PJ on drugs

What does cake have to do with drugs? PJ has the answer. And loads more besides.

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Loading...Tackling school gossip

Tackling school gossip

We're setting the record straight on school gossip.

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