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Everyone goes through puberty and we know it can be a tricky time! To help you along the way we’ve collected the best from around the web right here.

Loading...Zit-Busters: Myths Debunked!

Zit-Busters: Myths Debunked!

Struggling with your spots? Lily lets you know what NOT to do when addressing your acne

Loading...The Puberty Hit List

The Puberty Hit List

Is puberty puzzling you? Keep calm and read Anita’s top tips to make the journey smoother.

Loading...What is happening to me? It’s Puberty!

What is happening to me? It’s Puberty!

Puberty can feel weird and confusing for everyone, but there’s loads of info out there to help you show it who’s boss! Lily's made it easy by providing you with her top picks.

Loading...What is puberty?!

What is puberty?!

Pretty much everything you need to know about puberty in 7 minutes by TomSka!

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Loading...TomSka on puberty

TomSka on puberty

TomSka talks openly and honestly about the issues surrounding puberty.

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Loading...Can puberty affect your head as well as your body?

Can puberty affect your head as well as your body?

Find out what happened when Jimmy picked the brains of expert Dr Lee Hunter, and got all emotional about the effects of puberty with Dave from Boyinaband!

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Loading...Dan and Phil DMC

Dan and Phil DMC on relationships

Check out YouTuber's Dan and Phil's deep and meaningful conversation about relationships and puberty.

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Meet Jack Soffalot and find out how porn affected his behaviour and warped his attitude towards girls.

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Loading...The truth behind the perfect body

The truth behind the perfect body

Lily unravels the mystery of the perfect body.

Loading...KickthePJ talks about growing up

KickthePJ talks about growing up

Growing up is a strange and fantastic time. Find out why with KickthePj

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Loading...Jim Chapman puberty

Puberty with Jim Chapman

Awkward stations! YouTuber Jim Chapman shares his experience of going through puberty.

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Loading...Jimmy investigates puberty

Jimmy investigates puberty

Jimmy goes back to school to find out what puberty is, if you can speed it up and how to tell where you’re at.

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Loading...Puberty myths and facts

Puberty myth vs fact quiz

Change can be hard, especially when your body begins to do things you don’t expect. Let's separate the myths from the facts!

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Loading...Normal or not? The puberty quiz

Normal or not? The puberty quiz

Test your knowledge about what happens during puberty.

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Loading...Welcome to the period party

Welcome to the period party!

Find out how much you know about reproduction and how to handle periods with our quiz.

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Loading...Puberty chat

Puberty chat

Why? Because It’s important for you to get the right answers to your questions.

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Loading...What's that smell? The body odour quiz

What’s that smell? The body odour quiz

Learn a few facts about body odour.

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Loading...A guide to puberty

A guide to puberty

YouTuber Emma Blackery tells you what you really need to know about puberty.

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