Play your way through different scenarios in games like Up To You, explore what’s on your mind in What’s Up?, or test your knowledge in our fun quizzes!

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Play Up to You

Play your way through some tricky social situations in this pick-a-path adventure.

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Loading...Play Up to You - Party edition

Play Up to You - Party edition

You've made it through the start of the school year, now can you survive the first party and unlock the mystery performance?!

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Loading...Tricky conversations with F2Freestylers

Tricky conversations with F2Freestylers

F2Freestylers take you through some of the best tricks to starting those awkward conversations.

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Loading...Play Made Up

Play Made Up

We’re investigating the truth behind airbrushing, the touching up of photos in the media. Can you tell what’s real and what’s made up?

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Loading...Play Relationsticks

Play Relationsticks

How would you get out of these sticky situations?

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Loading...Puberty myths and facts

Puberty myth vs fact quiz

Change can be hard, especially when your body begins to do things you don’t expect. Let's separate the myths from the facts!

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Loading...How confident am I?

How confident am I?

Wilting wallflower or king of the confident castle? Find out how you rate with our confidence quiz!

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Loading...Normal or not? The puberty quiz

Normal or not? The puberty quiz

Test your knowledge about what happens during puberty.

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Loading...Welcome to the period party

Welcome to the period party!

Find out how much you know about reproduction and how to handle periods with our quiz.

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Loading...What's that smell? The body odour quiz

What's that smell? The body odour quiz

Learn a few facts about body odour.

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