The Puberty Hit List

By Anita.

Going through puberty is one of the most confusing things you will ever experience – constant mood swings, that oh so familiar feeling of feeling alone, questioning whether what you’re going through is ‘normal’, especially when you’re the first out of your friends to start your period or grow 8 inches over the summer holidays!

Here are some tips to make life easier in this time of change:

1. Be honest with yourself
It’s very easy to brush off your emotions instead of just feeling them. Stop and listen to how you’re really feeling, but know that you don’t have be to controled by them. Catching those negative thoughts before they spiral out of control and replacing them with something positive is one way you can learn to handle your emotions and can put you in a better headspace.

2. Speak to someone
One of the easiest ways to get an idea of what’s going on is to talk to someone who’s already gone through it! It could be your parent or guardian, an older brother, sister or cousin, or even a teacher you trust at school. They can give advice, explain the unexplained and fill in the blanks to the unanswered questions you might have.

3. Don’t panic! Remember, you’re not alone
Can you believe that right at this very second there are hundreds of thousands across the UK just like you who are going through puberty too? And looking a bit closer to home that could include your friends. They might have similar concerns as you, but haven’t found the guts to talk to you about it yet. Speaking freely about what you’re going through could give your friends the freedom to be able to have a chilled chat about it. So do yourself and your mates a favour and talk about it!

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