Body Confidence 101

By Rebecca, 14.

“I wanna look like her”
“Why can’t I be him?”
“Why am I like this?”

Do you ever wish you could look like someone else?

It’s normal for anyone to want to improve themselves, but what’s not good is to let jealousy or envy change the way you feel towards your own body. Ever heard that cliché, “Be yourself; everyone else is taken”? Well you need to start believing it, because wanting to be like someone else could give you loads of insecurities and make you feel like you aren’t good enough.

1. Concentrate on your strengths
You may not have the body you see in films or the hair you see on TV, but remember what you do have! Everyone has a unique set of strengths that make us beautiful individuals. We all have different personalities that make us special; you just need to concentrate on all the good you can offer to the world!

2. Speak to someone you trust
Whether it’s your parents or close friends, you can talk to them about the way you feel, I’m sure they could help you feel better about yourself. Sometimes all you need is a little boost of confidence from someone who cares about you to make you feel special! After all, what are friends for?

3. Be realistic
Every day we see magazines and social media and we’re shown what the media tells us is the perfect body or the perfect relationship. But c’mon – can we really use the media to tell us how we should be – especially with all the airbrushing that’s going on? Liking the way someone looks is fine, but it’s not so fine trying to be exactly like them. Being unique means being distinctive and without you, the world will be missing out on someone really special!

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