Get a body confidence boost!

Curated by Lily.

Ever felt pressure to look a certain way? Me too! I found some celebs, quizzes and articles that will give your body confidence a big boost!

1. How Cool Are You With You? Quiz
Seventeen has put together this fun quiz to help you find out if you are super-confident or more on the shy side! Personally? I’m all up and down. I took this test three times on different days and got three different results! How will you do?

2) 29 Celebrities Who Will Actually Make You Feel Good About Your Body
Think that just because Emma Watson is massively famous, she doesn’t have to deal with snarky comments on her body? Nuh-uh. Celebs have to deal with the same things us ordinary folk do. I think this Buzzfeed article shows that often, it doesn’t matter if you’re really famous or rich, as long as you are happy in yourself nothing else is important!

3) 8 ways to add some girl power into your life

I don’t know about you but I LOVE being a girl! SugarScape have the deets about how to love your girly self, why being a girl is just awesome (c’mon – we know it is) and how to feel even MORE confident than you already are!

4) Zoella Gives Her Top Tips On How To Be Body Confident
Practically everyone has heard of beauty vlogger Zoella, and in this TheShowbiz411 vid, she gives her tips on how to be body confident, talks about how she deals with panic attacks and deals with the pressure of being a ‘role model’.   It’s super interesting and really useful to hear someone so well-known being so honest about her experiences.

5) A Guy’s Guide to Body Image

Think that only girls suffer from body image issues? No way! Actually, a lot of guys also worry about their bodies. It’s really important for all you chaps to love the skin you’re in too! Check out this article for some great advice and info.

6) Acne

Hands up who’s had to deal with spots? Zits are something everyone has experienced at some point, and Whateverafter have put together their ultimate tips for dealing with the horrific-ness that is pimples

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