What is happening to me? It’s Puberty!

By Lily.

Puberty can make you feel weird and confusing, but there’s loads of info out there to help you show it who’s boss! I’ve scoured the web to find a great selection of articles and videos. Check out my top four picks:

1) Puberty 101: Everything You Need To Know
OMG Puberty is some confusing stuff. Why do I get spots? Will I put on weight? Why are my friends going through it before me? SugarScape gives you the low-down on what this puberty nonsense is all about.

2) Mood swings: What they are and how to deal with them
Ugh. Mood swings, amirite? Here, SugarScape explains what they are, why we get them and how to deal with them. This advice really helped me to understand and combat my own mood swings (which all my friends will gratefully agree, too!)

3) What is Puberty? Decoding Puberty in Girls
Ladies – listen up: here’s a video from WellCast all about the four major changes that happen around puberty: boobs, hair, periods and cellulite, all in one super helpful 4 minute vid! Listen and learn!

4) All About Boys Puberty
And boys, don’t think we left you out.  Are you confused about all the weirdness happening to your body? Well, the WellCast have got a helpful video for you too. Check it out!

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