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By Lily.

Relationships are amazing, but can also be hard work! Whether they are friendships or romantic relationships, they take time and effort, and even then situations and personalities can make things complicated. There is so much out there, but I’ve hunted the web for some great stuff to help with all sorts of different relationships and situations! Check out my top 5 links:

1) The 19 stages of unlikely animal friendships
I love this! A good friendship doesn’t have a set type, or even a set species! These hilarious GIFs of different animals getting along will have you cracking up, but they also point out that however different we are and that we can all get on. Check it out!

2) How to break up with a friend
Some friendships might not actually be good for you. It’s really hard, but sometimes breaking up with a BFF can be the right choice. You might have naturally grown apart or – if they make you feel unhappy or bad about yourself – it could be a good idea to move on. Personally, if would have been helpful to have this Teen Vogue article when I had to break up with a friend.

3) What is a relationship?
This article from UK charity Brook, is super useful. It talks about the basics of a relationship. There are also loads of great links at bottom of the page covering all sorts of ‘relationship-y’ things such as, ‘Am I ready’, dealing with pressure, recognising abuse and also starting and ending relationships.

4) Ask the experts: Am I ready for sex?
This is a letter from someone who’s worried about her friend doing things with a guy, that she wouldn’t feel comfortable doing herself. I think most people get worried about moving too fast or too slow, compared with their mates. Have a look at what the BeingGirl experts have to say about her worries.

5) Getting tested is NOT embarrassing or scary!
Carrie Hope Fletcher gives you the low-down on getting tested for STIs, and shares her experience of going to a sexual health clinic. She explains what getting tested actually means, what happens and says that it’s not scary or embarrassing at all – and it’s also kinda necessary.

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