The Drinks Dodger Hit List

By Cecilia, 17.

It can be hard to know how to say no to a drink if you don’t want one, especially if it feels like everyone around you might be drinking.

So, if you’re invited to an amazing party or heading to your mate’s place and think you might be offered a drink you don’t want, I suggest you get familiar with The Drinks Dodger Hit List:

1. Be The Social Butterfly
The purpose of a party is to mingle, so why not do just that? If you talk to or dance with some of the other guests, this could do a great job of distracting them from trying to try to offer you drinks.

2. Excuses, Excuses
There are plenty of good ones. If you’re a sporty person, your reason not to drink speaks for itself. Or maybe you have an early start tomorrow? Alcohol is well known for resulting in a hangover, so you could explain that you’d like to avoid getting one. I’m sure you’ll come up with something great, although frankly, you shouldn’t have to!

3. Be ‘The Responsible One’
The line “somebody has to be the responsible one” doesn’t have to go down badly in social situations. It suggests you’re mature!

4. The Drink Decoy
Fill your cup with something alcohol free, have it in your hand at all times and you are unlikely to be offered a drink, which saves having to decline it…

5. The Graceful Decline
In some situations, a simple, yet sassy “no, thank you” is all that is needed!

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