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Helping friends to ‘Keep calm and carry on’

By Lily.

‘Keep calm and carry on’ – OK, so we see that everywhere. But there are times when that can be tricky for all sorts of reasons. Check out the links below about some of the issues that are facing people like us, how you can spot the signs and what you can do to show your support and be a good friend.

1) Signs of stress (and what to do about it)
Normally, it’s pretty easy to work out when you’re stressed, but sometimes your body secretly goes into super-stress mode without you even realising it. This article from Seventeen has all the signals your body could be giving you when you’re stressed and what you can do about it. Share with a friend if you think it might be helpful.

2) Depression
Depression is something that I think is being talked about more and more nowadays, but often people don’t actually know much about it. When my friend was diagnosed with it, I didn’t know what it was. The Young Minds website really helped me to work out what was going on and how I could support my friend. There’s information on the importance of talking, eating well, exercising, believing in yourself, de-stressing, getting support from friends and family and more.

3) Bullying
Bullying is horrible. It can make someone feel alone and overwhelmed and make them not want come to school or hang out after school. No one wants to feel like that! Set a good example and always talk well of others and if you see a schoolmate being being bullied, show your support for them by speaking out and also tell a trusted adult. Check out this link from ChildLine on what to do and where to get help.

4) Panic attacks
Most people have heard of Zoella – she’s an ultra-successful vlogger and blogger, has been on TV and has had her own book published. But did you know she also suffers from panic attacks and anxiety? In this blog post she shares her own experience with panic attacks, explains what a panic attack is and how to deal with it. She also has tips for what a good friend should do to show support.

5) Dealing with exam stress
Whateverafter shares some of the signs and tips to help you and your friends keep on top of exam stress. Think eating well, getting lots of sleep and exercise and more. Check it out!

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