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We’ve got tips on gaining confidence, blasting anxiety and general life stuff from the people who’ve been there. Remember, we’re in this thing called life together!

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We all need music. Whether your trying to drown out the noise of annoying siblings, escaping the house for a quick jog or relaxing in the sun, dreaming of summer, we all need an escape.

If you’re quarantining on your own, with family, or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a quarantine bae, there’s a playlist for every mood and emotion that you’ll no doubt experience during lockdown. And if your anything like me, your mood probably changes quicker than the great British weather.

So in no particular here are some of my fav playlists to cope with lockdown.

I CBA – Crying appointment

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Has your crush left you on read, 2 weeks and your snap still says delivered or are you trying to get someone’s attention on your private story? I’m sure for most of us being on lockdown has had it sad moments. And it’s ok to cry or feel sad. Remember talking to others about your feelings can help or listening to music and letting out those negative emotions. Book your crying appointment [Recommended frequency twice monthly]

2. Ok Maybe I Snapped

After using up all the tissues we need music that’s gonna pick your energy back up. Whether your getting dressed up to chill in the living room, creating a GRWM TikTok, grooming yourself from the waist up to FT your crush or dying your hair for that self care glow up, looking after yourself mentally and physically can really help improve your mood and make you feel good. So there’s no maybe about it – you Snapped sweetie!

3. Ooo I can’t take it!

Did your parents just wake you up to wash the dishes, reaching for your fav quarantine snack only to find that it’s gone or has your sibling “borrowed’ your prized possession without asking again? This playlist is great to blast into your eardrums if you’re blowing off steam by doing some exercise or channelling your frustration into something good. Remember working out keeps your mind healthy as well as your body.

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4. Yellow Hearts | Supalonely 

Do you like to resolve conflict with some alone time or peace and quiet? If being cooped up is getting too much and you need an inner retreat – this playlist will definitely calm your nerves and soothe your soul. If you haven’t tried meditation or mindfulness these are also great ways to get back to your happy place.

5. ThrowItBack

Fed up of your parents complaining about the swearing in your favourite rap song or are you trying to introduce boomers to anything released after 2001? If you’re in need of some intergenerational entertainment your gonna need some throwbacks. Here’s a mix of throwback jams that your parents will remember, which also includes your fav icons remixed versions, providing us with immaculate flavours. Connecting with those around you will definitely help you weather the uncertain storms of lockdown.

6. The Flavour is Immaculate

You’ve mustered up the courage to cook for the family or like me you’re cleaning your room for the first time in weeks and you need some motivation. Whether you like to scream at the top of your lungs or dance wildly with a wooden spoon the flavour in this playlist is most def immaculate. Taking care of your personal space and eating well makes us more productive and also makes us feel good.

7. Call me in the morning [AM]

Up at the crack of dawn on social media? House party link ups holding you hostage until 4am or you just want to squeeze in one last game before you rest your peepers? Whether you like ASMR, whale sounds, the sound of rain or podcasts this list has some great listening alternatives to quiet your mind and to help you sleep. Switching your sleeping freestyle back to a sleeping pattern will help you remember what day of the week its and make you feel more balanced.

8. What’s Poppin’ 

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This one is just a personal fav – to everyone that STANs Billie Eilish, Arianna, Doja, Meg thee Stallion, Post Malone, Nicki Minaj, Stormzy, Drake, Juice World, Roddy Rich… you get the idea. Perfect to listen to whilst flicking through your fav Snapchat memories of Summer ’19 :’)

9. Stress Less, Slay More

Are you stressed from having a mountain of homework to submit? There are tons of free audiobooks available to help you with coursework and homework. Or if you prefer listening to instrumentals whilst doing your homework this is the playlist for you. Try not to let the work pile up. Doing a little each day will help you stress less, giving you more time to slay.

10. They Call Me Tiago

Did you join TikTok as a joke and now your addicted? [Guilty smh] Is first 15 seconds of some song you’ve heard on TikTok stuck in your head? Luckily someone has compiled a list of the most commonly used songs on TikTok; from dances to challenges this ones got you covered. Try a challenge with your siblings, teach your parents some new dance moves or get creative with your friends. It’s important to stay connected during this time.

Phew – this should definitely keep you busy or distract for a little while. Feel free to share your playlists. If you liked this list you can follow me @twoplaits on almost everything… No pressure. Ta-ta for now.

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We’ve got tips on gaining confidence, blasting anxiety and general life stuff from the people who’ve been there. Remember, we’re in this thing called life together!

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Kickstart your self-confidence

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